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How to Upgrade McAfee Agent 5.0.3 to 5.0.4

Hi All,

We have ePO Server ver 5.3.2 built (156) install on Windows 2012 r2 server. total clients on ePO console are 1500.  1000 apx are running with McAfee Agent  some are running on and rest are running on I need to Upgrade all Clients to latest McAfee Agent released. In Master Repository both(5.0.3&5.0.2) Agents are checked in Current and previous branch.

Ques:  1. Please let me know the risk if any before up-gradation need to be taken.

            2. Steps how to Upgrade McAfee agent 5.0.3 to 5.0.4.

            3. how to plan and how much down time for this activity.

            4. Last and imp: before doing up gradation plz let me know how i can test it in current production environment we don't have any testing environment.

Thanks in Adv for quickly help.



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Re: How to Upgrade McAfee Agent 5.0.3 to 5.0.4


this is possible easily.


  • Upgrade to latest Agent Extension in EPO. The latest extension is compatible to the used Agent versions.
  • Import McAfee Agent 5.0.4 and Agent Key Updater 5.0.4 into the Master Repository using the Evaluation Branch.
  • Define an Agent Policy where the Key Updater is updated from the Evaluation Branch.
  • Define a Deployment Task where Agent 5.0.4 is deployed.
  • Define a TAG to mark Systems where Agent 5.0.4 should be installed.
  • Define a Policy Assignment Rule where the new Agent policy is assigned by TAG.
  • Assign a deployment task where the Task is active only if the TAG is assinged.
  • Change any other Agent Deployment Task Assignment and exclude the configured TAG. So the clients do not try to install the old version of the agent.

For existing Agent 4.8 deployments. Take care, because Agent 4.8 und Agent 5.x are quite different. Agent 5.x brings a new SysCore Version. Agent 4.x has never updated the SysCore. If there are some older systems with older McAfee Soft ware are managed with Agent 4.8 take a look at the support portal if the software is supported with Agent 5.x.

Hope this helps,


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