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How to Check in Extensions? EPO 4.0

Hello All

I am trying to check in the extensions to add the policy pages for AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5 Plugin to my new install of EPO 4.0. These are included but not added to the repository. I have tried adding via the usual package check in method but that dosent work as its not software im checking in.

Where should i be checking in this policy?

Also i have added CMA3.6 Patch 3 and cannot even find an extension to go with that. I can find a .nap file but not anything to check into epo4

Any help appreciated.

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RE: How to Check in Extensions? EPO 4.0

The CMA patches do usually have no new extension (NAP).

To checkin extensions goto "Configuration" -> "Extensions"

RE: How to Check in Extensions? EPO 4.0

Thanks for that, I only asked about the CMA3.6 as patch 3 has its own specific .nap file on the support download site.