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How to Activate Apache Module mod_status with Apache 2.4 on epo server 5.3.3

Hello guys,

In order to improve monitoring and find out how well our server is performing I try to activate Apache Module "mod_status" (Web Server Load & Page statistics)

My concern is that I always have a 403 error when triyng to reach https://eposerver/server-status

Please help !

Here are the modification that has been applied to httpd.conf

<Location "/server-status">
    SetHandler server-status
    Require all granted
LoadModule status_module modules/
ExtendedStatus On


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Re: How to Activate Apache Module mod_status with Apache 2.4 on epo server 5.3.3


Not sure if this can be done ePO server. After adding the following in httpd.conf, 

LoadModule access_compat_module modules/

I was getting a 404. Upon further looking at errorlog under Apache2\Logs folder, I am now getting AH01630 client denied by server configuration. ~epo/DB/www/server-status 

With that said, if you have other system monitoring solutions, perhaps you can utilize that. There may be free utilities that can sort of accomplish what you are looking for. Check out -


ePO Support Center Plug-in
Check out the new ePO Support Center. Simply access the ePO Software Manager and follow the instructions in the Product Guide for the most commonly used utilities, top known issues announcements, search the knowledgebase for product documentation, and server status and statistics – all from within ePO.