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How many DR’s listed in a SiteList.xml are actually used if the MA Policy is set to “Ping Time”?

Recently, I ran into an issue where I had 28 Distributed Repositories and 5000 laptop users running all over the country. I configured their McAfee Agents to locate the nearest DR's by using the "ping time" option within the MA policy in ePO. It wasn't until one of my users got a virus in a remote location that I did some troubleshooting and found out that his Agent wasn't going to the nearest repository. After calling McAfee Support I doscovered it was only pinging the top 5 on my Sitelist.xml. Nowhere is this written in any of McAfee's documentation that I can find so... head's up! I wonder if anyone out there has also run into this and if perhaps the newer agents have changed in this area.

MA 4.5 (I know is EOL which is part of the reason I am asking)

ePO 4.6