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How does a policy change reach the client "technicially" ?

I just wonder what steps does a policy change perform to reach a client ?

Lets say, i have the ePO + several SuperAgents, if i change the policy for a client that use a superagent, does the client contact the ePO oder the SuperAgent to receive a policy upgrade/change ?

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Re: How does a policy change reach the client "technicially" ?


Actually, Policies does not go via SuperAgent.

SuperAgent is used to perform a wake up calls and serve as a Distributed repository.

Agent to server communication can be "proxy" via Agent Handler or Relay server or goes directly to ePO server.

I would suggest to check McAfee Agent product guide, Starting from page 65(for version 5.0,6). McAfee agent functionalities are described in details there.



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