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How do you remove extensions that are partially installed....

Hi all,

I have been all over this board trying to find this answer. Scenario: EPO 4.5 (937) - I wanted to add Hot Fix 4. I followed the install instructions, "Checked the package in manually" and went to install the extensions. Updated the VIRUSCAN8700(195) no problem then tried to add the VIRUSCANREPORTS(154). It errored out with a "SQLException: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" So parts got uninstalled but not all got install correctly. I rebooted the server and now I can not login in to the console. Same Login failed error. I went to the core page and tested my login and it worked no problem.

There was no name or ip change. I saw something about renaming the _log database. I did that and it cleared the login error but now I have the dreaded "following extensions are in a partially installed state: [VIRUSCANREPORTS:]" error. I saw a post where support was able to uninstall the extension so the user can check it back in correctly.

Does any have the steps to remove the partially installed extensions? Thanks - Kenny

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Re: How do you remove extensions that are partially installed....

You need to clean the entries of any product extension file from three places.

1. \Program files\McAfee\ePO\Server\conf\Catlina\Localhost

2. \Program files\McAfee\ePO\Server\Extensions\Installed\

3. In the Orion extension table.

If the file is present in any of the directories and left undeleted from other locations then you will get this kind of message.

To resolve the issue, please delete report extension file from all the three places.

Re: How do you remove extensions that are partially installed....

Hi Hem,

1. \Program files\McAfee\ePO\Server\conf\Catlina\Localhost - Nothing here

2. \Program files\McAfee\ePO\Server\Extensions\Installed\ - Deleted the VIRUSCANREPORTS folder

3. In the Orion extension table. - Nothing in the table about VIRUSCANREPORTS but there was and entry in OrionExtensionsBackup. I read some where the EPO 4.0 SP1 and later will delete any unknown extensions when starting up?

After deleting the folder I rebooted and there was still some errors on the console log in but the English box was back and I was able to log in. Of course all my reports on the dashboards are missing. I went to reinstall the VISURSCANREPORTS extensions and I get an error:

Extensions Error:

"Unable to install extension. java.lang.NullPointerException" and most of my other extensions are in error except for my Help and Shared Components.

Console Error:

"Plugin EPOAGENTMETA is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt"

Thanks you for the help with getting me logged back into the console. That is a big step. Hopefully I can figure out the other issues. - Kenny