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How do I remove legacy VS tasks after a fresh install of ePo v4.5?

Hi All.

My emplorer had a legacy v4.0 environment. For various reasons we needed to install ePo server v4.5 from scratch. This has gone well with our consultant, however we've started to notice a few problems on VirusScan clients.

Specifically, it seems that we have two legacy tasks appearing (and running!) on some clients. These are causing additional heavy load I need to:

1: A method of identifying what pc/s have these two tasks (remembering these have no config points in relation to our new fresh install of ePo, so ePo knows nothing about them).

2: If they can be identified, an automated way of removing them if possible.

In the screen shot they are 'LogonUpdate' and 'Scan All Fixed Disks'. These two tasks are not represented in the new ePo config but the (for example) 'LogoUpdate' task runs on user logon and slows the machine down considerably, along with the 'Scan All Fixed Disks' kicks off at mid-day whereas our deployed tasks only run for 30 minutes at 10% which is manageable from the user perspective.

Any help with idenfying the machines in our network would be fab.



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Re: How do I remove legacy VS tasks after a fresh install of ePo v4.5?

I have the same problem but our switch was between two 4.0 servers.  The only fix I found so far was to force a reinstall of the EPO agent.  Plus on our clients the tasks do not show up on the client because they when they were deployed they were set to not be visible on the client.