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How can I install agent on old and new PC's


I am using ePolicy 4.5 and the the 4.5 agent on 99% of our PC's.  However how can I automatically install the agent on any new domain PC's that come onto our network and also any old PC's?  For example one of our team members got an old laptop out that hasn't been on our network for months and had no virus scanner at all and would you beleive it the conflicker virus 2 days later.  If only I'd some how picked this PC up and got the agent on it as soon as it got put on the network.

Please advise. 

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McAfee Employee

Re: How can I install agent on old and new PC's

I believe you need to use Rogue System Detection (RSD) feature and deploy sensors in your network. Then configure an Automatic response to 'push' an agent to a machine that is flagged as having no agent ('Rogue').

Refer to the ePO documentation for details on RSD.

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