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How To Block Creating Recycle On Network Share


I have EPO 3.6 Sp4, VSE 8.5i on over 800 pc.

How can I block creating Recycle on Network Shares those are mapping from users.

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RE: How To Block Creating Recycle On Network Share

Don't really understand what you mean ? can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to do ?


RE: How To Block Creating Recycle On Network Share

you've not got Conficker have you? Its one of the symptons.... I don't believe that windows creates recyles on share's.


Block REcyled

Hi Again

I want to block remotely creating Recycle Bin. I have a file server and some of folders mapped by users. On those maps, there is Recycle Bin

I want to block Recycle Bin, Is it clear?


RE: Block REcyled

I undesrtand what you mean now - but the behaviour that you are describing is not normal for XP Clients.


Create a File by that name.

1.) Note the names of the offending directories, then delete existing Directories which you do not want, such as "Recycled" or "$RECYCLE.BIN"
2) Create a FILE by that name at the same level that the directory would then be created. (This usually at the root level of the Share.)
3) Make the FILE by that name Hidden and System (to help avoid questions from curious eyes).
4) Set ACL rights that limits the FILE rights to all but a few.

That should stop the creation of any directory for most situations.

Hope this helps,
Ron Metzger