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How Tags work as a Sorting criteria

I created in the Tag Catalog a Tag. The Tag runs on each ASCI.

The Tag Details shows that 62 systems with tag applied by criteria.

I linked the tag to a specific Subfolder in the System Tree with the option Sorting criteria (Systems that match any of the criteria below (IP addresses and/or tags))

However in the specified subfolder there are only 11 items moved.

Should the tag which is linked to a sorting criteria move all computers which meet the criteria (62 systems) after an ASCI to the subfolder (Agent Server Communication for 60 items are up to date)

What is the reason that only 11 computers are in the specified subfolder and not 62?

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Level 10

Re: How Tags work as a Sorting criteria

Depends on several parameters. Are you synchronizing via LDAP? Is sorting enabled/disabled? Any competing sorts/tags?

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Re: How Tags work as a Sorting criteria


Yes, you are right. When ever the McAfee agent communicate to the ePO server- It will check for the criteria of Tag - If it is matched - Tag will be applied to the machines - and Machines will be moved to the specified group. But, Make sure below points are

* Make sure the tag is selected with "Run on each agent server communication"

* Make sure the tag is grouped to a root\sub root in the system tree

* Also the main thing to be checked will be SORTING to the enabled on all the machines

In your case, Just check whether the remaining machines is assigned with the tag that you have created.

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