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Help with Deployment Tasks


Can someone help me with setting up deployment tasks please?

I've taken on looking after a ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 setup. I've got agents deployed and they're reporting in.

However, some machines are reporting no VirusScan installed.

I have tried to create a client task for Product Deployment but the only products available in drop-down list are the agents (screenshot attached)

I checked the master repository (Menu->Software->Master Repository) and VirusScan is listed.

It is checking with McAfee as it is pulling down the DAT files.

Is there something else I need to check/do?



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Re: Help with Deployment Tasks

You need to be sure that the VirusScan item in the master repository really is the actual install set (should be easy to work out, but you do need to read the detail in the columns.)

You need to ensure that the VirusScan extensions have also been installed.

You'll know if the extensions are missing because so will all the VirusScan policies in the policy catalog.

This McAfee article was written for ePO 4.0, but the principles are similar as far as extensions installation go, so you'll get the idea:

KB53916 - How to check the VSE 8.7i installation package and extensions into ePO 4.0



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Re: Help with Deployment Tasks

Yep, Rob is correct.

Click >Menu>Software>Extensions to see which ones you have installed.

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Re: Help with Deployment Tasks

Dido with kenobe and rackroyd.

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