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Level 7

Help with Custom Properties

Hi everyone

I'm using the custom props client side with the command /customprop1="xyz" and it's working great. Agents are sending the information to EPO

However, I would like to know if from the EPO console, there is a way to send the customprops to the agent locally. There is the "Set Description" option inside the Agent menu on EPO, but it's only affecting the information locally on the EPO side. There is no info sent to the agent from EPO. Is there a policy I need to setup to make it works, or they designed it that way (I so hope they don't).

We need to be able to do this because we are transferring the agent from one server to a new one, and when the props were defined locally, we are keeping them after the transfert. However, we are loosing the one made on the ePO side.

Thank you

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Level 12

Re: Help with Custom Properties

This is afaik not possible.

The props are only processed one way.

Regards Tom

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McAfee Employee

Re: Help with Custom Properties

This is correct - the Set Description function only operates on the ePO database, and does not send anything back to the client machines.

Regards -


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