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Help Epo And Hips Firewall

I Only Have Hips Installed On A Server And One Pc. All 24 Of My Other Machines Do Not Have Hips Installed They Are Only Updating Vscan Enterprise 8.5 And Not Running The Ips Software. I Am Able To Check In My Dat Package No Problem And With Global Updating Enabled Within 5 Minutes All The Machines Have The Latest Dat Package Installed. The Problem Is As Soon As I Enable The Hips Firewall At The Server (in The Policy And Yes It Inherits To All Machines Including The Server) The Global Updating Stops To All Machines? I Can Still Check In The Package, Replicates Fine, And Then Never Updates. As Soon As I Disable The Firewall In The Policy All Machines Immediately Start Doing The Dat Update?

The Firewall Log On The One Machine Shows Nothing Being Blocked And I Cannot Find The Firewall Component/log On The Server. The Problem Appears To Be Occuring At The Server Since All Machines Are Affected.

I Have Agents, Hips 7.0.1

Please Help Bob
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