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Help! Accidentally installed Enpoint Encryption on a server with RAID 1

One of our IT guys accidentally pushed McAfee endpoint encryption to a server with RAID 1 and I'm trying to clean up the mess and recover the data. Upon reboot, we receive a fatal encryption error.

My environment runs EE 7.1.3 with framework 4.8. Server is a Dell PowerEdge T110 II with RAID 1 on a integrated PERC S100 RAID card.

I have a stand-alone McAfee recovery environment called "McAfee Stand Alone EETech 702.iso". I've booted up the server with the McAfee recovery environment, but the RAID driver will not install within the Windows PE recovery environment. Without that driver, it's not detecting any hard drives.

It seems as if the McAfee recovery environment does not have a fully functional device manager as .ini driver files will not install like they normally would within Windows.

I took the McAfee EETech 702 .WIM file and injected the RAID card drivers via DISM and re-mounted the .WIM. I can see the drivers in the System32 driver store. However, it still does not see the drivers within the environment.

How can I get drivers to show up in this recovery environment?


Can I take this recovery environment and somehow imbed it into a true Windows 7 environment that would support a functional device manager?

Thank you in advance!

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