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Has anyone know how preparing installation packet?

HI All,

I wish to prepare one packet to standalone instalation (unmanaged). Packet with:
CMA, VSE8.5i, AntiSPY, SA. Could you haelp me, maybe you've experiences?

Best Regards
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Mid 8.5

Download and install from McAfee site the "Install designer 8.5", prepare all needed packages in separate folders. Run MID and walk thru wizard to configure VirusScan. In "Programs" step add install steps for MASE and other programs with silent installation switch. After you finish, in target folder will be heap of files. Delete unnecessary files (.nap and .txt) and use Winrar or another archiver to compress files into single self-extractor. Order the packer to run VirusScan setup program after unpacking to temporary folder. Something likes this:

setupvse.exe addlocal=all /q Reboot=R

Good luck