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HIPS 8 IPS Policies

Installed Hips 8 with Agent 4.6 on various window systems (2003, Win7 , 2008 etc...)

Enabled IPS signatures 6010 and 6011

Created appropriate exception rules within the IPS policy

On most systems HIPS 8 with blocking and excpetions rules work as expected. 

On some systems it does not work

Veriied HIPS 8 installed and active

Verified polices are applied

Reinstalled agent/hips reapplied policies on systems with issues still no change

Need to determine why HIPS 8 does not work on some systems.


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Re: HIPS 8 IPS Policies

If these are the application blocking signatures, make sure your exception paths are correct. You could have an exception as follows:

Process path C:\program files\whatever.exe

This could be correct for some products but maybe you have another system where your exception may not apply:

Process path C:\program files (x86)\whatever.exe

In this case you would need to wildcard out the C:\program files*\whatever.exe file

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