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HELP! BIG Problem - Unable to login to EPO4.5!!!

Hi all,

I really hope someone can help me out of this mess.  Yesterday we had a password change and someone decided it would be a good idea to change the way we login to EPO.

Not sure what they changed but we think they changed the login from EPO login to Windows authentication.  They assure us they used the correct domain administrator username and password.

Eversince then we can't login at all!!!

This morning I have been working my way around these forums and google and done the following:

Checked the SQL Services.  They are all running ok and using the NETWORK SERVICE to login.  We have tried changing that to use the domain admin login which also works but still unable to login.  Next we created a local account with admin rights but again, although the services work we still can't login.

Checked the file to make sure everything looks ok which it does.  Tried changing it to different accounts but still no difference.  Even tried the local account but still nothing.

Accessed the conf/config page to reset the username and password.  We have tried the old credentials and the new admin one but still nothing.  The weird thing here though is that when you try something and click test, everything says its ok but after a server reboot we get a blank white screen when trying the EPO login.  The only way to get the login screen back is by changing the file, then we get error messages under the login screen.

Next we even tried to update to EPO4.5 Patch 3 but even that fails saying 'missing' which is odd as it is present.

HELP!!!!!  What can we try now?

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Re: HELP! BIG Problem - Unable to login to EPO4.5!!!

Walk through support article: KB51670 - 'Unable to log on to the ePO 4.x console (Troubleshooting - Master Article)'

The McAfee knowledge base is linked from the service portal website here:

If there are still problems, please open a support call so it can be looked at in detail.