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Groupshield not reporting


I have a small problem with our exchange servers running groupshield.

Our emails are scanned on 2 seperate gateway. We have 3 servers in a cluster environment running exchange but do not have groupshield running therefore the services are disabled. (Groupshield is only installed incase our gateway servers go down and we have to quickly turn on groupshield.)

2 of the 3 servers in the cluster are reporting correctly even though groupshield is disabled. VSE still updates DATs however the other server is updating but not correctly reporting to the ePO server.

When running a report is says "Unprotected 1.0.0 --- ---"

When checking in ePO under properties of the server. Below is the list:

Groupshield for exchange 6.0
Installed Path
Plugin Version

I compared the list against the 2 other servers, szDATVersion is missing, i assume this is why the server is reporting unprotected.

I have checked the registrys, I can not see any difference, all keys appear to be the same. I have also reinstalled the Agent, still the same.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can resolve this?

Thanks in advance

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