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Global Updating and patches....

I have an ePO 4 server running patch 4. McAfee HIPS 7.0 base installation as a deployment task. I have Global Updating turned on but only the following packages checked:

HIPS Content

When ever I move patch 4 ( for McAfee HIPS into the current branch, clients start updating to patch 4 without me setting up any McAfee Update tasks, ie like Global Updating is still pushing out patch 4 for McAfee HIPS even though it is unchecked.

I must be missing something, anyone have any ideas?


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RE: Global Updating and patches....

You probably have a McAfee agent update task running which will update the engine/pattern files and patches for HIPS/VSE.

I checked for that....

I do not have a McAfee Update enabled at all.

I am able to explain why user systems are receiving the update because I have the Run at every policy enforcement enabled for them. However, servers are receiving the update and I definitely do not have a McAfee Update task assigned to any of the servers nor do I have the Run at every policy enforcement interval turned on.


Virusscan Resolved...

Systems and servers were updating due to the User Interface Policy, Disable default AutoUpdate task schedule not being checked, it is unchecked by default. So clients on both user systems and users were running the AutoUpdate task from within VSE which would install patch 1.

Still trying to determine if I have the same issue with HIPS.

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