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Global Update in EPO 4.5 without superagent?

Can you use Global Updating in EPO 4.5 without a SuperAgent?

It seems (according to page 175 of the docs) that super agents must be used for global updating to work.

This seems to be diff. than EPO 3.6 (at least we have global updating on in 3.6 and have no super agents and it seems to work when the EPO server gets a DAT update, it replicates right away to the repositories and within an hour all our machines are updated).

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Re: Global Update in EPO 4.5 without superagent?

the page 152 of ePO_36_ProductGuide_ES.pdf says there must be a super agent installed in every sub net in order that global update works.

Then when is no change with regard to the documetation the procedure of global update will not  works without SA still  in ePO 4.5

Hope you undestand my poor english...Smiley Wink.

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