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Getting clients to report to a different ePo

Hi all

I'm busy setting up a lab environment in which i will put a new ePo server and some clients (XP and Win 7) but i will join them all to my current domain. How do i get these specific clients to talk to that specific ePo and not to the production ePo server and versa visa (ie. getting that ePo only to talk to the clients in the test lab environment)

I dont have a test environment at the moment and there is a need for it ; thats the reason for me setting up the lab

thanks in advance

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Re: Getting clients to report to a different ePo

Create an agent installation package and install that on the systems.

On your new test box-

Create an installation package:
a Click Menu | Systems | System Tree. The System Tree page opens.
b Click System Tree Actions, then select New Systems from the drop-down menu.
c Select Create and download agent installation package.
d Deselect Use Credentials.
NOTE: If deselected, you receive the default package. If selected you can specify
required credentials.
e Click OK. The Download file dialog box opens.
f Select FramePkg.exe and save it to the desktop.

(p68 of the install guide)

You would need to consider how you deploy your current production agent and make sure that the test agent isn't overinstalled with the production agent.

You may have to uninstall the existing agent (or do a /forceinstall).