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Generic Question About Agent Install

I'm new to the product....

When I deploy an agent from system tree using "Actions> Agent > Deploy Agents" (or using the Guided Configuration) it dumps a lot of stuff on the client that we do not want or need.  For example SiteAdvisor and DLP.  All we want is to deploy antivirus initially....

Is there any way to tell the ePolicy Orchestrator to deploy a simple antivirus and realtime protection agent?

I am still reading through the documentation, but initially it seems more confusing than it needs to be (Product Deployment Projects)....

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Re: Generic Question About Agent Install

Hi Jlockie,

If you are looking to push only VSE and real time client, once the agent is pushed to client machine.

Please disable the deployment tasks for other products except vse and real time.


The best way is to delete the deployment tasks for those products and keep seperate deployment task for VSE and real time.

>> This helps agent to pull only those products created the deployment task to get installed on target machine.



Re: Generic Question About Agent Install

I have nothing under deployment tasks.  WHen I push the agent it dumps everything.....I cannot find where I can select the particular "modules" I want to deploye when telling it to push an agent.

When I setup a Product Deplyment and specify VSE, Agent, and Real-Time it just sits there at 0% =( nothing happens (probably because the host is unmanaged and without an agent, but it's a catch 22 - if I deploy an agent then it will put the entire list of products on)....

Re: Generic Question About Agent Install

Interesting.  I think I found out what happened.  When I did the guided configuration it created a CLIENT TASK CATALOG item fro Product Deployment under McAfee Agent.  Reading through documentation more deeply there seems to be more than 1 place or method to adding these modules via the agent.  Therefore, when I added a host to the particular folder, and then pushed the agent, it didn't actually install ALL the software.  It only installed the agent (like I would expect).  Then in the ASCI period (60 minutes) it pushed all the software that I checked during the guided configuration!  WIN.....because it took that client task catalog and assigned it to the system tree.  Sigh.  At l;east I know what happened now.

Discovering this has really helped.  I think the guided configuration screwed me up.  There's too many POC items in there....the interface is very cluttered with POC tasks and policies etc.

It's easy enough if all you want to do is push the agent, then use client task catalog to deploy additional features for antivirus and real-time protection, etc.  Assuming all the managed clients are organized in such a fashion that you can push more globally.  Otherwise, just use individual deployment tasks to push to a small group of clients, or individual client.  A