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RE: Frameworkservice stopping


where can I get cma36 patch 2?


RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Hi Andy,

My case is at Tier III too.

I'm on epo 361 Patch 2 for some time already - the problem is not related to it.
I think it's caused by upgrade to CMA


RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Hi folks

I started this thread but hadnt time to answer it.....
Still having problems that on some machines the framwork dies.
What does MCAfee saying to that problem.As they can see and read in here it is a big problem!
Im also having all the latest patches.....
Would be nice if they can do something. 5500 clients are not a home installation !

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RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Hi All,

McAfee tier III are still investigating. However, they dont see it as a major issue and do not think it will be fixed until a new version of the CMA is released. Possibly end of Novemeber\early December.

Apparently they have more important issues to work on!

I am not happy about this.

However, i have found a temporary workaround myself (not from McAfee Support).

If you go into services.msc on the problem server and double click the McAfee Framework service, select the recovery tab.

For First, Second and Third failure action select "Restart the service". Click apply and then restart the service for good measure.

Now if the service crashes it should auto-restart.

This seems to work for me.

I will keep you all posted on any further developments

good luck!



RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Hi Andy

Thx for the workaround. I dont understand why Mcafee thinks this problem isnt a great deal.
Without a working frameworkservice i cant replikate my distr. repositorys.
Hope they will release a new agent soon


RE: Frameworkservice stopping

That's the answer from McAfee support:

"Thank you for the data.
With this information I have been able to raise a defect with our Engineering team to investigate the error.

The Engineering team currently have a queue of problems to look at which unfortunately means it may be a while before I can give you a further update on the problem as I must wait for them.

If it helps, perhaps it is possible to use the 'Agent to Server Connection Info' report to identify SuperAgent machines that are no longer communicating ?
Or perhaps as a precautionary measure you can use the Microsoft Windows scheduler to restart the framework service on the SuperAgent machines at regular intervals (once a day ?).

This would only be for as long as it takes to find the problem and fix it, but it may help keep your ePO repositories working better during this time."

So we cant really say that ePO is low maintenance system...
And we also suffer form "Framework service fails to start on 64-bit platforms Event ID 7022" problem as described in KB 612354 :

RE: Frameworkservice stopping

ok thx for the information!

..."Framework service fails to start on 64-bit platforms Event ID 7022".....
This problem i have today on my first vscan 8.5i installation on a 64 bit system............


RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Open service request and get CMA 3.6.0 Patch 2 from McAfee tech support
I just got it, I'm testing it this week and will deploy next weekend.

Release Notes for
McAfee(R) Common Management Agent(TM)
Version 3.6.0 Patch 2
Copyright (C) 2007 McAfee, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Patch Release: 9-11-2007
Patch Package:

When installed in ProtectionPilot and ePolicy
Orchestrator 3.5.0 environments, 7023 and 7034
events were recorded in the system event log and
the application’s main service was restarted.

The Common Management Agent was modified to
compress and encrypt events before uploading
them to the ePO server.

When installed in 64-bit environments, 7022
events were being recorded in the system event
log and the Common Management Agent was slow to

The Common Management Agent was modified to
remove the delay in startup, which keeps the
7022 events from being recorded in the system
event log.

Select Common Management Agent files could be
locked by McAfee managed products, preventing
the Common Management Agent from being upgraded
to a newer version and preventing a HotFix from
being installed.

The Common Management Agent was modified,
renaming the following files:

Existing Name New Name
naCmnLib71.dll naCmnLib2_71.dll
nailog.dll nailog2.dll
naxlm71.dll naxml2_71.dll
naisign.dll naisign2.dll
nailog64.dll nailog2_64.dll
naxml64.dll naxml2_64.dll
naCmnLib64.dll naCmnLib2_64.dll

Additionally, file dependencies were removed to
prevent the renamed files from being locked by
McAfee managed products. The files under the
previous names are deleted immediately when not
locked. When locked they remain until the next
Common Management Agent installation.

When performing a Force Install to a new folder,
locked files in the original folder are not
deleted, nor marked for deletion on reboot.
Files in this state remain in the original

When performing a downgrade after installing
Patch 2, if any of the renamed files are locked
the downgrade fails and leaves the machine
without a functioning Common Management Agent.
To avoid this problem, a client reboot should be
performed before performing a downgrade.

RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Hi psolinski

I already have the latest CMA + patches...dosent solve the issue.
EPO 3.6.*
CMA 3.6.*
Engine 5200


RE: Frameworkservice stopping

Make sure your cma is
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