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Framepkg & VirusScan Installation

Hi all Epo-fans !

I have a question about the framepkg.exe file which is generated by the ePO Server.
I'm actually running an ePO 4.0 Patch 2 Server.

On the Systems folder, when I click the New System button and I choose the option"Create and download agent installation package" I can set an account to install the Agent...

I have 2 questions about this :

- is this account used for the agent installation ONLY ?
- if I want to use ePO to deploy VS85i via this Agent, will the Agent use this account to install VS85i too ? If the password if modified a few months later, how can I update this information in the Agent ? :confused:

Thank you for your help. Smiley Happy


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RE: Framepkg & VirusScan Installation

This is an admin account used for the agent install, once the agent is installed it uses a system account for everything else (eg VSE install) so once the agent has been installed there is no issue about the password changing, just remember to create a new framepkg file with the new credentials and get rid of the old one for new installs.

RE: Framepkg & VirusScan Installation

Thank you very much Tonyb,
That's exactly what I was looking for !
Have a nice day.

Smiley Very Happy