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Forceinstall (Login Script vs EPO)


Due to having a lot of faulty systems (129 out of 1500) I am looking to update the agents using a force install command.

Originally I thought the best way to do this would be through login scripts but wondered if anyone had any success with using the /forceinstall as a command line from EPO rather than via login scripts.

(At this stage I am still leaning towards login scripts)

Any info/advice appreciated as always.
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RE: Forceinstall (Login Script vs EPO)

If you mean the epo push installation you have the "drawback" that you need NetBIOS name resolution for the target client and also access to the admin$ share. This is not needed when using login scripts.

RE: Forceinstall (Login Script vs EPO)

Ok, forgot about the admin share, cheers for the reminder.