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Firewall Policy question (Export and Import)

So just some back story... i am working on trying to modify the firewall policy xml so that i can move it to a different network (closed network) with ip's related to that... i have multiple different products that i was going to create a group for each product. within that group i am going to limit the ip range. The thought process on that is so that the firewall rule will only apply to that specific ip range and skip over it if not. to continue down the rule. However the ip's for the networks change quite often so instead of updating the list in epo with a lot of clicks i can just mod the XML and re-import...

the thing i have noticed is when i export the policy from the Catalog i cant see any specific ip's. if i go into the policy and export from within he policy then i get all the rule specific information.

I however am unable to import that pulled Rule Specific xml. when i go to the policy catalog and try and import the product policy for the firewall rule i get the following error "Policy could not be imported because the uploaded file is either corrupt or in an unexpected format. Click "OK" to return to the "Policy Catalog" page. " '

Does anyone have any idea's that might be able to be helped...

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