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Few questions regarding DLP Agent installation

Hello All,

I want to re-install (Uninstall and Install) a DLP agent on one of my machines connected to ePO server.

Is there a way doing that directly from the End Point machine side and not from the Server side?

Can you help me understand what is the command -switches for this action?

ePO Version 5.3.0

DLP Version 9.3

VSE Version

DAT Version 8558.0000

Thank you in advance,


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Re: Few questions regarding DLP Agent installation


the easiest way is to request the McAfee Removal Tool. The tool is only active for one quarter of the year, but it works more than well.


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Re: Few questions regarding DLP Agent installation

Thorsten Schranz, Thank you very much for your replay.

I've tried acquiring this "the McAfee Removal Tool" and use it on my client but i'm getting an error saying: "Incomplete Uninstallation, Enterprise software detected..." (attached image)


I'm looking for a" command -switch"  that will manually uninstall the Agent from my client (by force if needed) and then i'll reinstall it on my machine again Agent+DLP

Thanks again

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Re: Few questions regarding DLP Agent installation

It's always good to refer to the documentation, check Uninstalling McAfee DLP Endpoint - page 32

"Local uninstall using Windows Add or Remove Programs. This method requires a challenge-response key obtained from the McAfee DLP Administrator."

It might be a good idea to upgrade to newer DLP Agent version and push it over the existing one, which will in a scene reinstall the agent.

Reference for latest available version: McAfee Corporate KB - Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for Data Loss Prevent...

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McAfee Employee

Re: Few questions regarding DLP Agent installation

Hi, you can generate a code form ePO menu > Help Desk. You will need the code from workstation, then use that code to generate uninstallation key.

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