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Fault tolerance in epolicy orchestrator 4

Hi to all.

In my enviroment i have this structure:

- The master repository on a server

- 51 Distributed repository (super agent), one for each physical site of the district

- about 4000 clients

The active task are:

- pull from nai (http/ftp) with e-mail sent to notify the fault
- Global update
- Repository replication
- Fallback site on mcafee http web site.

Now, the very big problem is what happened this morning, in order:
-The master repository failed the pull from NAI website, in http and ftp,so the DAT in the repository is older than the mcafee site,and sent me an e-mail
-The replication task replicates the older DAT the master repository has to the distributed repository sucessfully, saying they are already up-to-date
-The clients update their dat successfully saying they're already up to date

How is it possible to update DAT in the repository automatically, even if the pull from NAI failed?This is to avoid to wait many hours before someone put the dat manually in to the master repository

Thanks to all