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Failure to update DATs in master repository


Just upgraded our test EPO install from 3.6.1 to 4 this weekend (applied patch 3 and installed RSD 2 as well). However, I can't seem to run a dat update - either pulling using a task or manually importing. Both fail with the following error:

"Detection Script Node Not Found"

This error is also present in the epoapsvr log file (and is the only error I can find there)

Is this likely to be something simple I've missed in the upgrade process (which seemed to go very smoothly)
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RE: Failure to update DATs in master repository

Just an addition to this - I'm running EPO 4.0 patch 3. I've tried everything I can think of to get this working over the weekend but no dice. I can't find any mention of that error anywhere on the forums or on McAfee's KB.

Has anyone got any ideas - or would I be better off just raising a support call with McAfee?


RE: Failure to update DATs in master repository


Guess no-one has encountered this or has any ideas? As it stands I'm not able to upgrade our production server to 4.0 as I won't be able to get sign off from our Compliance peeps without a tested, working install on our test environment.