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Failed to validate repository McAfeeFtp to update mer.exe

hi all

I want to update  mer.exe  in my epo ,here is my task log  it looks like have hush error  in my epo server


5/4/12 9:00:01 AM


Failed to validate repository McAfeeFtp. File C:\Windows\TEMP\nai6000.tmp\00000002\MER.exe found hash 81D70D8A6C3827EC0F39435A8DB598CAD3E1D748, expected hash BAFCF5076A4E3A8AD5B61648565D40AFD77997D0

and it is my EpoApSvr.log

20120504090000          I          #04760          INETMGR           Downloaded file PkgCatalog.z successfully in session 1, size=1412, SHA1 hash=C127250CA48FB0ABAB265868E017A4A50A0CDAF2, SHA256 hash=EB103C4488830929EF6AB5A5FB8F66AA03D83065D72A8AD44C67D45B1D5E78D5

20120504090000          I          #04760          SITEMGR           VerifyCatalogSignature: Verified signature of catalog file C:\Windows\TEMP\nai6000.tmp\00000002\PkgCatalog.z

20120504090000          I          #04760          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Downloading file ApplyDAT.McS from site McAfeeFtp::Current\SUPPCLNT1000\ServicePack\0409

20120504090000          I          #04760          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Downloading file MER.exe from site McAfeeFtp::Current\SUPPCLNT1000\ServicePack\0409

20120504090000          I          #04760          INETMGR           Downloading file MER.exe from session 1, LocalDir=C:\Windows\TEMP\nai6000.tmp\00000002, RemoteDir=Current\SUPPCLNT1000\ServicePack\0409

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Downloading file: /CommonUpdater/Current/SUPPCLNT1000/ServicePack/0409/MER.exe from FTP Server:

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Downloading file from FTP server using winsock [in non-proxy mode]

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Looking for PASSIVE mode support

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Sending  command to Server

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Reading response for  command

20120504090000          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP session 9 Response received from Server for passive transfer

20120504090001          I          #04760          INETMGR           Downloaded file MER.exe successfully in session 1, size=651328, SHA1 hash=81D70D8A6C3827EC0F39435A8DB598CAD3E1D748, SHA256 hash=7F9DC02128FA0CAF52D7A8C36AC44B8D99D77B8E1693B8D7845685FCFA7E8635

20120504090001          e          #04760          SITEMGR           VerifyFileItem: File hash code verification for C:\Windows\TEMP\nai6000.tmp\00000002\MER.exe failed.

20120504090001          e          #04760          SITEMGR           CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file MER.exe size and hash failed, hr=-112

20120504090001          I          #04760          SITEMGR           4212 bytes averted from download by using local validated files

20120504090001          I          #04760          NAINET            FTP Session 9 closed

20120504090001          I          #04760          NAINET            ---------------------

my epo server is epo 4.6.0

anyone have idea to solve my problem ,thanks