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Failed Agent GUID Generation

Hello Forum,


We install agents on machines using an image, the agent GUID has been deleted before the snap shot is taken. Once the image is placed on a new machine the agent is failing to generate a new key pair.

20090205030111 e #656 Agent Failed to generate Agent Key pair
20090205030111 e #656 FrmSvc Failed to start Subsystem <Agent>, result=-62

This error means the machine is not popping up in ePO and can not be managed. The registry has no values under HKLM>SOFTWARE>NETWORK ASSOCIATES>EPOLICY ORCHESTRATOR>AGENT

Which means I can't delete the existing guid & mac to generate a new one. I was unable to open compiled.xml and precompiled.xml in below but unsure what these files do.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework

This issue has happened even though nothing has changed with our framepackage used or ePO batches for a long time. Any ideas as to what to look at, I am scratching my head as to what has broken right now and how to fix it without re-buidling the entire image.

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RE: Failed Agent GUID Generation

The GUID is generated when the service starts. Sounds like your Mcafee Framework Service is corrupt.

Would recommend removing it and reinstalling

For our image we stop the framework service, delete the guid, run sysprep and then take a snapshot. Therefore when the machine boots into windows a new GUID is generated, communicates to ePO and brings down the policies (VSE8.5i)


RE: Failed Agent GUID Generation

Can anyone suggest anything I can test to confirm the frameworkservice.exe is actually corrupt other than the evidence I have provided. If is corrupt I will have to script a force uninstall/reinstall after the image has been placed on a new machine.



RE: Failed Agent GUID Generation

We have created batch file that runs after image is deployed where the error is occuring. This batch file re-runs frampkg.exe, which in turn is installing correctly and created a unique GUID for new machines. Machines are coming up in ePO as expected and downloading new tasks and policies.

Issue I have remaining is that these machines are not populating all details within ePO. I only am getting reported back
Installed Path
Plugin Version

and not the full details yet of Agent GUID, product version etc Any ideas