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Export of Exclusions


I'm being asked to document exclusions in our ePO environment so that my management team can assess the risk of any exclusions that exist beyond the default, and to determine any points of consolodation amongst our policies. 

I am looking for a way to compare exclusions for each policy in both OAS and Access Protection against the default policies and identify any created by us.

I have exported the policies to xml, but that hasn't helped much as they are not really in a easily consumable format.  

This is focued on Virus Scan 8.7i Patch 4. We are running ePO 4.5 Build 1082 on a Windows 2003 server, with the database on SQL 2008.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?



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Re: Export of Exclusions

If you have some knowledge of SQL, you could do some direct queries of the ePO database and put the results in Excel, Access, etc.  Figuring out the tables and relationships can be a bit of a pain, however, because there isn't any documentation available from McAfee.

Re: Export of Exclusions

Ok - I will share some insights at my own risk   I don´t know if this is "official" knowledge - at least the feature is not supported in any way until now. If someone at McAfee feels offended please feel free to delete my post.

Here is a way to compare policies inside ePO:

1) Open the ePO 4.6 GUI

2) Open the following URL once: https://myeposerver:8443/PolicyMgmt/ (replace servername and port with your configuration)

Afterwards you will get a new menu entry "Policies -> Policy comparison".

Then select the policies which should be compared. All different settings will be marked yellow.

Regards Tom

PS: I don´t know if this will work with ePO 4.5

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Re: Export of Exclusions

Thanks metalhead for the suggestion, no love for this from ePO 4.5.  "An unexpected errror occured"