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Events not clearing (ePO 3.6.1)

I have a problem where my events folder .\program files\mcafee\epo\3.6.1\db\events are not clearing into the database

I have had to stop the services and delete this events and watch it fill up my server time after time.

Can someone help ?
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RE: Events not clearing (ePO 3.6.1)

I have another issue where the EvenParser.exe is running at a very high CPU (90%+)

At the moment I had to create a scheduled task to delete the events.

I have stopped and started the services - Rebooted. All the usual tricks but found nothing as to why this happens.

I have another ePO server which clears this folder a few seconds after an event comes in.

Please Please Help!!!!
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same issue

I am having the same issue on my server. If the server service is running the events folder will fill quickly and run the server out of space.