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Event Times in Event Log

For some time our EPO server (latest v4 with Agent v4) has been logging events with the times way off. Seems like its stuck in the wrong time zone. For example this morning it logged an event at -12/31/08 2:41:31 PM- UTC when actually it was 8:41:31 AM. CST. The server time is set correctly and I cant find any time settings in the EPO configuration.

Am I missing somthing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Event Times in Event Log

All events in EPO are displayed in UTC. So which ever timezone you are in you will need to subtract/add the hours from it

RE: Event Times in Event Log

I see, so its a non-configurable deal then.
Thank you much!

RE: Event Times in Event Log

I heard that they may give you the option in epo4.5 to change how you want the TZ

RE: Event Times in Event Log

After going over the logs, we needed a "time zone" we could understand. Instructed to call McAfee - I nearly spent 2 1/2 days researching this issue.

Yes, the time zone is UTC format-4 McAfee techs confirmed that this is being addressed and will be looked at/into in a newer version.

Hope this was of assistance.