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Re: Event Parser fails to start

?  Sorry, may be missing something - what clients are you referring to?

1) When you run the /core/config test, what message do you get back?

2) When you run netstat, does it show that the SQL server service is listening on the port shown in /core/config?

Re: Event Parser fails to start

how to test again? im sorry im new to this product dmease729.

Re: Event Parser fails to start

As per 2 posts ago, follow my comment 14-Aug-2012 10:50, then press test button.  Please read through this entire post - if you are still stuck, please advise which part you are stuck on

Re: Event Parser fails to start

i have tried test connection and The database connection was tested successfully.

Re: Event Parser fails to start

interesting - now enable debugging as per KB in Joes comment above, and see if more information is available.  I would also check Windows event logs to see if anything can given you any indication. 

Re: Event Parser fails to start

20120822131627          E          #09820          PONTUTIL          Failed to create local ePO User Group, push agent aborted!  System error code 1379

20120822131627          X          #09820          usermgr           Attempting to add user: AQSPEPSI\Administrator

20120822131627          X          #09820          usermgr           Current user: Administrator

20120822131627          E          #09820          EPODAL            DAL2_CConnection::Init: Failed to logon the domain user AQSPEPSI\Administrator to connect to database.

20120822131627          E          #09820          EPODAL            DAL2_CConnection::Init: Error 0x80070002 returned from credentials callback. Database NOT available

20120822131627          E          #09820          EVNTPRSR          Database initialization: Failed (hr=0x80070002).

20120822131627          E          #09820          EVNTPRSR          Failed to initialize database layer. Cannot continue.

20120822131627          I          #09820          EVNTPRSR          EventParser Stopped.

20120822131627          I          #09820          EVNTPRSR          Cleaning up Server...

im wondering about this eventparser how come that it is failing to connect to database while i tested from https://aqs-epo:8443/core/config and it is working fine

Re: Event Parser fails to start

20120822131627          E          #09820          EPODAL            DAL2_CConnection::Init: Failed to logon the domain user AQSPEPSI\Administrator to connect to database.

I would look at Windows event logs and SQL Server logs (I admit I would need to google this as I am not an MS dude) - something is wierd here as the above line is stating that the connection to the database (login failure) is not working, yet you advised that the test connection from /core/config was successful?  Strange question but is aqs-epo definitely the ePO server you are having issues with - you havent got two ePO servers at all?    On the /core/config screen, does it show the same username as above?

At a loss here - sorry, but you may need to raise an support case.  I would be interested to find out the outcome!

Re: Event Parser fails to start

here is how it started dmease i change the password of the server because of the turn over of previous IT from then  it started the problem ...whenever i am trying to test the DB connection from the https://aqs-epo:8443/core/config i need to put check on " change password" then put the new administrator password then only then the test will be successfdul

Re: Event Parser fails to start

Ah!  After you test connectivity, click 'Apply' (bottom right), then restart services.

Re: Event Parser fails to start

hahaha thanks dmease729 i just forgot to apply the changes it is working now...thanks very much

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