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Event ID 21051


i recieved an email from epo than on one client "Event ID 21051" 'happened'.

But what is Event ID 21051?

Didn't find anything about "event id 21051" in the knowledge base - the only thing i found is this:

Missing Event IDs
If you cannot find the Event ID you are looking for:

  • If the Event ID for your McAfee point product is reported in ePolicy Orchestrator, see KB54677.
  • For Potentially Unwanted Program detections, the value of 20000 is added to the Event ID.
        Example: Reported Event ID 21024 would have been Event ID 1024.
  • Ensure you are actually looking for an Event ID. Event IDs are not the same as ERROR numbers. This article lists Event IDs only.

is this the same with 21051? So that is event id 1051 and the file is password protected.

Client: McAfee Agent,  VirusScan Enterprise Patch 5

Server: Epo 4.5 Build 937



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Level 16

Re: Event ID 21051

From your description that sounds right to me.


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