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Error using ext.install command


I am attempting to script the addition of VSE 8.8 to ePO 4.6.4.  I have been successful in checking it into the repository using repository.checkInPackage, but I am unable to get ext.install to work.  The error I get is:

Error 0:

Error setting parameters for command: ext.install

the string I'm passing to ePO is essentially this:

https://localhost:8443/remote/ext.install?extension=<path to extension zip file>

I am doing this via Powershell using the System.Net.WebClient interface

Any ideas on where to look to correct this problem?



2 Replies

Re: Error using ext.install command

Did you ever figure out the solution to this problem? I'm running into the same issue.

Re: Error using ext.install command

Unfortunately not.  I ended up doing it manually instead.