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Epo and super agent


I have not found a solution to my problem: the conversion of an agent to a super agent (with or without repositories) does not work.

First, some information.

I installed 4.6.6 EPO server on a 2012 server with SQL 2012 Express.

The system is functional, I deploy agents and antivirus.

To save bandwidth on a network ( WLAN), I wanted to deploy a super agent. But it has not worked.

After many tests, I tried a deployment on the local network to eliminate network configuration problem. But it has not worked.

I have read the logs, the forum and the internet but I did not answer.

To deploy my super agents, I followed this tutorial: s-and-improve- endpoint-updating-with-epo-SuperAgents

Do you have an idea ? I am ready to post logs if necessary, but I confess I do not understand.

Thank you in advance.