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Epo and HIPS

I am looking for documentation that shows me how to add a specific port reference that I may want to open or block. I am a jr admin on epo, and thus I only have certain rights. Currently, when I inside of the Firewall rules policy segment of HIPS, if I go to add a new firewall rule, if I choose single in either the single or remote box area, I get a drop down list of port names. Now it appears that I can type a number in, but I was not sure if that was the correct format as I look at th entries in the drop down, and they have formats like ntp (123).

So if i wanted to do port 9755, can I just put in 9755, or does it need to be application acronym (9755)

Or, I guess a better question is, why do my single port entries just show as the port number, but other entries that show up in the drop down box show as the acronym and the port number
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RE: Epo and HIPS

You can put in port numbers only. The acronym list is just a placeholder to make a rule better viewable.