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Epo SQL using tempdb instead of original db


I have a problem. I had to restore my ePO SQL to a VMware Snapshot that I had taken due to issues I started experiencing.

I don't really think that that caused my issue, since when I looked at the original DB, the date was from three days ago and I just restored it yesterday.

Does anybody have an idea how I can get the DB to write to it's original place? Everything is still pointing to that database, but it is not writing to it.

Rebooted both, whcih did not help.


SQL 2008 R2

Both on server 2008 R2

Thank you.

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Re: Epo SQL using tempdb instead of original db

Moved to ePO for better support.




Re: Epo SQL using tempdb instead of original db

How are you performing SQL backups? Do you know if you are using the simple or full recovery model? It might be easiest to restore the DB from whatever previous point or attach an old DB and point ePO to it with minimal data loss.

Are you DoD by the way? If so send me an email at brian.berger.ctr at, I can better help you on there.