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Epo Cma, Hips 6.0

I continually have systems showing up as rogues with an "inactive agent" on them. The only way to get them reporting correctly again is to manually remove the agent and manually reinstalling. Reinstalling via HBSS does not work.

Everyday I have at least a dozen systems that pop up as rogues this way when in fact they are not.

Also -- we have the FramePkg in the desktop PC image. Even so, new systems (not all) continually come up as rogues as not having an agent when in fact they do --- in fact many systems will accept HIPS via HBSS and then later report as a rogue with no agent installed. These also have to be manually removed and manually reinstalled again.

Any ideas?
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RE: Epo Cma, Hips 6.0

Have you checked for duplicate GUIDs?

ePO agents do not appear in the directory after imaged computers are deployed

This produces your issues and results from not removing the GUID keys before imaging

You can run SQL queries to find duplicates:

How to find out which agent GUIDS are duplicate within an environment

RE: Epo Cma, Hips 6.0

Thanks I will look into it....