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Epo 8.8 and eventid 257 on Exchange2010


Ive been looking around a few times to solve my problemen but i cannot find an answer wich is similar to my case.

I am using McAfee ePo 8.8 in combination with Virusscan Enterprise 8.8. I have 2 Exchange servers wich both have the mcafee agents installed.

There are exclusions inside ePo where i excluded the scanning of the log drive from exchange 2010 (the logdrive is an seperate drive with only logs)

Due to exclustions i still see the following eventlogs on both of my exchange servers

"The Scan was unable to scan password protected file %FILENAME%. Scan engine version used is %ENGINEVERSION% DAT version %DATVERSION%."

(where %filename% is the location of the drive wich i excluded).

Im a little bit confused about this message because i created an exclusion not to scan this drive but these messages tell me that the drive is scanned.

I am aware of some problems mcafee has with scanning password protected files, but im not looking into that problem. I just want to make sure that scanning op de log drive is not active but these messages tell me that the drive is being scanned.

I cannot find a way to resolve this, hope that someone can help me out with this