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Epo 4.0 Sp3 - Vse8.5 ---vse8.7


I have lot of pcs running the VSE8.5 and I'm looking to update all of them using Epo 4.0.

Anyone know how can I create an product upgrade task?

at the moment, all my attemps fail...Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad

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RE: Epo 4.0 Sp3 - Vse8.5 ---vse8.7

First off...
Have you done any testing with 8.7 yet? I've read about people having issues so I'm holding off till the first patch.

I do have a seperate system group in my orginization where I have pushed out 8.7 and the few machines appear to be fine.

In only that area, I created a new task to install 8.7 and disabled the inherited task of installing 8.5.

When I decide to push to everyone, I will go to the top of my orginization and edit the 8.5 client deploy task and change the information to point to 8.7 or disable this and create a new one.

Did you create the 8.5 deploy task or did someone else create that for you?

RE: Epo 4.0 Sp3 - Vse8.5 ---vse8.7

hi and thank for your reply

in my organisation I have about 700 pcs that already run 8.7 without problem.

My problem is how can I update to the version 8.7 the others machines( about 1500) that run 8.5

the agent is ok , but I don't know if I have to create a deploy task or an update task to upgrade the product. ( and how to do !)

but I'm testing now another way.

remove 8.5 and deploy ex novo 8.7.....

RE: Epo 4.0 Sp3 - Vse8.5 ---vse8.7

Try this tutorial...

If that link doesn't work, login to your support portal and on the right side under self service you should see this....

Support by Seeing
View Tutorials
View video tutorials that address common issues and questions

View the tutorials and that should get you going on how to do most common things.

Also, deploying 8.7i ontop of 8.5i will automatically uninstall 8.5i while doing the install. No need to uninstall before.