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Engine Version Deployment Query

Hi all,

Since updating all my workstations to Agent, the Engine Version Deployment query does not pick up the Engine version number for these new agent installs.

I still have 316 servers on Agent 4.8 and these correctly show in the query.

Anyone else seen this ?


I will be updating to Agent this evening (in preparation for patch 7) so will see if the issue follows the new updated agent.


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Re: Engine Version Deployment Query


This is still happening with version 5.02.132, 5.02.188 and 5.02.333 Agents.

Can anyone confirm that they are seeing the same with query "Engine Version Deployment" ?

For info we are running ePO v5.3 build 188.

Maybe I am missing an extension?

Thanks for looking


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Re: Engine Version Deployment Query

Many issues with agent 5.x: agent not communicating, or just not running tasks or policy not being up to date.

Little know fact: the agent is dependent on crypto and power services, they must be up and running and set to automatic (not delayed)

I rolled back to 4.8 and I'm waiting for agent 5.03

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Re: Engine Version Deployment Query

This whole upgrade path with Agent 5.x is a pain. Have been doing some testing but have yet to fully deploy these 5.x agents. What you guys are finding is making me rethink about deploying We have about 200+ systems using agent due to Windows 10. Had issues with with Windows 10 and was told by support to use agent 5.x. The majority of our systems, over 1500, are still on Agent At least VSE 8.8i Patch 7 installs with the 4.8 agent.

I know that McAfee was telling people to upgrade to to close a security vulnerability. What I have read is that you can have Agent and install Patch 7 this should close this security vulnerability. I hope that info about this vulnerability is correct.

Our biggest issue with Agent 5.x is with Drive Encryption as it won't enforce policies. Have an open case with McAfee with that issue. Back in Nov, was told to wait for Agent 5.0.3 also.

Re: Engine Version Deployment Query

Thanks for your input,

I'll assume this will be fixed in a later engine update.

Its not really an issue, just a cosmetic problem.