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Encrypted USB key is now write protected

Hello all,

Our department is using USB encryption and we have now had two clients come to us with USB keys that have become write protected for unknown reasons.


User inserts a USB key in their system and is asked to encrypt it. Client encrypts USB key.

The key is used for a few months with no issues and is put aside.

User then tries to use the key but forgets the password.

User tries to change the key's password using the "Forgot Password" icon but the system will not let them. (Might be someone else's key, not sure)

User then tries to recycle the key simply by reformatting it and go through the process of re-encrypting it but the format process tells them that the key is now Write Protected and will not complete the format.

Tried to look in ePO's DLP Incident Manager to see if we could transfer the user key to our Admin account and simply reset the password but ePo no longer see's the key as being inserted into the workstation so we cannot transfer the personal key!

Is there a way to re-constitute this key or is it simply lost?

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