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Enabling and configuring Buffer Overflow Protection

Hi all,

Just need some help and advice on enabling and configuring BOP. We'g running epo 4.6 and VSE 8.7. At this stage our BOP is not enabled. I want to enable it and run some test. I've broken the inheritance of 3 machines and create a test BOP policy. I've chosen to enable BOP and set it to 'Warning Mode'. I've chosen to 'Show the messages dialog box when a buffer overflow is detected'. I have not set any buffer exclusions. I've left the default report settings.

I have a couple of questions. The goal is to have the notification appear on the client machine should it detect anything. I;m curious if we can setup a email report notifying myself if a detection has been picked up? Also, any advice or recommendation as to what I should be including in the exclusions list? Is it common practise to set t warn or protection mode?


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