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Empty warnings in ProtectionPilot

I installed ProtectionPilot 1.5, GroupShield 7.0 and VScan Enterprise 8.5 onto a freshly set up Domain Controller running SBS 2003. Now when looking in Protection Pilot, i see lots of detections from the DC itself. They are listed as "Others", and when Others is selected in the dropdown to see the actions taken (cleaned, deleted etc.) in the little graph, the action is "warnings". Now i click on "Warnings" to see the list of detections, and "this search has yield no results" (translated) is displayed.

The server is running two days now, first day i had 300 Warnings, today it's 600. I cannont see those warnings anywhere, not in Groupshield, not in VScan (i looked in all the logfiles), not in eventlogs.

Can anyone point me in a direction where these "warnings" might come from, and even better how to stop them?