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Emailing BLANK scheduled reports...

To my knowledge, this issue is with all versions of ePO.

Use a report/query but tie that into a scheduled task (As as Server Task) which runs a query and then emails the results as a PDF. Issue is that this report rarely contains any records so the end user gets a blank report which isn't much help and leaves the way open for it to be ultimately ignored. This is probably a feature request, but why can't the task be configured so that if the returned record count is 0, then the report isn't sent? (or any number for that matter).

I have thought about using Automated responses and then putting a throttle in place for 1 day, but the report is going to a business user and as they are used to a pretty PDF report, changing that to a text email I feel looses the polished presentation that ePO can give out.

Anyone else had the same issue or found another way around it?


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Re: Emailing BLANK scheduled reports...

I'm afraid ePO is just not designed to do that presently.

Please feel free to enter a feature request for this so it can be logged for consideration in a future release.


Re: Emailing BLANK scheduled reports...

Cheers for the heads up Rob, much appreciated. I'll go back and tell the business that ePO's reporting isn't as good as I said it was

<soapbox moment>

Although I understand the principals behind feature requests is to gauge the consensus for need to help prioritisation; surely the dev team also trawl these groups for ideas too?

Feels a bit unfair, being told no and then having to beg for it...

</soapbox moment>

Seriously though, I really do appreciate the prompt response.


Re: Emailing BLANK scheduled reports...

Well, to quote Douglas Adams: "We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty " 

Apologies though, but the feature request really is the best way to get the information under their noses for next time.