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Easily deploy agents to computers missing it?

I have a large number of laptop users who's laptops I want to get into ePO. The only problem is that they all work varying hours and it's hard to catch them actually in the office. Right now i've just been waiting till one of them is in, then manually deploying the Agent through ePO. Is there a better, automated way that I can have the server try to deploy the agents if the computer exists on the network?
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RE: Easily deploy agents to computers missing it?

HAve at look at the Rogue System Sensor product functionality - - deploy a few RSS agents to your DHCP servers and they will spot new machines for you and you can then "action" them for agent and AV deployment and upgrade etc.


RE: Easily deploy agents to computers missing it?

Now would this grab any laptop that got put on certain subnets of the network and it would install the agent assuming it has admin permissions right? guess i'll have to read up on the RSS, thanks.

RE: Easily deploy agents to computers missing it?

Correct, as long as everything is setup correctly. Any machines which you do not wan the clients installed to (switches, routers etc) can be exempted.
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