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EPO4 - Can you deploy to tagged machines?

I've created a tag for laptop's and would like to deploy HIPS to all laptops. Can you create a deployment task to tags? I can do it via groups but cannot find a way to do it via tags?

I have multiple groups which are structured per subnet - how can I deploy software to laptops?
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RE: EPO4 - Can you deploy to tagged machines?

I cant find an automatic way of doing this, I can get it to apply policy automatically by tag using the automation but not tasks.

The only way would be to use automation to get tagged stations moved into a group that then had the deployment task assigned to it, but thats not what you want.

Even if you manually select all of the laptops tagged stations you cant assign a task from there you have to move them into a folder that has the task.

you could move them let the task run and then set a sort to move them back for the next day I guess